Karen Gentry
March 2018
Thrive Skilled Peadiatric Care
Thrive Skilled Pediatric Care - Richmond, VA
United States




Karen has been with her patient for more than a decade! She was recognized by her patient's mom, whose praise is unending. "Karen's skills in knowing what to listen for in our daughter's lungs has helped us catch respiratory problems early, so we only need a trip to the doctor, not an ER visit, or hospital stay." Karen has accompanied her patient to middle school, high school, post-school programming, and now goes with her to work!
"It is so hard to find someone who actually becomes a part of your family in a way that you are comfortable with and instills confidence in their ability to care for your child or young adult when you are not there. We feel very blessed to have Karen taking care of our daughter. She is one of a kind and a true DAISY Nurse!"