Kara Abel
September 2017
Medical Oncology
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center - Boise
United States




My daddy's nurse, Kara, was able to make all my dreams come true. She did everything in her power to have my dad walk me down the aisle. My dad's goal during his fight against this mean and ugly disease, called cancer, was to make it to his baby daughter's wedding. His cancer starting sprinting toward the finish line sooner than he wanted. Our family and St. Al's amazing staff pulled together an absolutely beautiful wedding out on the 4th floor patio. And took the news of a wedding on in stride. Kara never once fretted or allowed our family to worry about my dad's condition. She continued to smile and kindly communicate with our family. She was able to fight through all the emotional moments leading up to a beautiful wedding with our dying father. She scheduled out his entire med schedule to keep him on track for the ceremony. At 4:30 she came in his room, told my daddy it was time to marry his daughter. Placed his breaking body in a swing and hoisted him into a wheelchair. She put on his button-up shirt and vest. She was the reason my dad felt proud as he held my hand down the aisle with the biggest smile. Thank you, Kara, for making my family's dream come true!