Kaitlin Spitzack
September 2019
Regional Medical Center
United States




My father was a patient for 7 days. On the night of the third day, he suffered a massive stroke. Kaitlin was super helpful and went out of her way to make my dad and the family feel comfortable. She made a very stressful situation bearable and helped family members feel at ease to go home and rest for the night, knowing he would be in good hands.
Kaitlin took the time to genuinely address our concerns for his increased oral secretions (death rattle) followed up with the provider and kept us informed. Her selfless care for everyone was so appreciated and we know she gave the same care to all her patients. She made sure Dad had the atropine gtts every 30 minutes during the night and told us the next day they did not work and had gotten a patch ordered. She showed compassion and patience to a comatose patient, a grieving family, and was very empathetic to our needs and concerns.
Kaitlin made sure our concerns were heard and validated. She took the time to genuinely address our concerns followed up on them with the appropriate staff and kept us informed. She showed a lot of compassion and patience and was very empathetic to the needs of my father and the needs of the family. Her selfless care to everyone was so appreciated. Thank you, Kaitlin, for going above and beyond your call of duty to make a difficult situation bearable.