Juni Li
May 2016
University of Virginia Health System
United States




My husband expected a simple stress test at MJH, but things changed quickly and during an angioplasty, a 90% blockage was discovered. He was immediately transported to UVA for bypass surgery early the next morning. Coming from small families, both caring for elderly parents, it was impossible for anyone to come on short notice for the surgery the next morning. We didn't know what to expect. My husband was scared and I was scared, but didn't want him to see my fear. The nurses in TCV ICU greeted me the evening of the surgery and assured me he was in good hands. I went home and returned at 7:30 the next morning.
That's when I met Juni Li. She was assigned to care for my husband his first full day in recovery. Juni didn't just care for my husband, but she anticipated my fears and carefully explained each medicine, she answered questions I had, but had failed to ask when the doctors were in the room. She saw me shivering and came offering blankets. Juni took time to talk with me about our family and shared about her husband and daughter. Her compassion, warmth and care radiated with her smiles. When he had a terrible episode of nausea it was obvious he was in great pain. Juni told me she would keep his pain under control all day - and she did! Juni went above and beyond, to reassure us, giving compassionate care and encouragement throughout a very scary event. Thank you, Juni!
Juni knows it is important to guide the patient and his/her family through a process that he/she probably doesn't understand. She anticipates her patient's needs and explains what is happening so the patient and family member aren't surprised or unaware. Juni told me she was a doctor of biology in China and I am sure that helped her to keep my husband pain free throughout that first full day in the unit. She is a positive example for those she works with in the TCV ICU.