Juanita Abeyta
April 2018
Newborn ICU
University of New Mexico Hospital
United States




Juanita was our nurse for 3 very important days. She made us feel comfortable and informed the entire time she provided care. We truly felt like we had an ally while we were in the unit. We want to recognize Juanita for her steadfast support, specifically on day 2 of his stay. We had a VCUG and an ultrasound planned. Juanita took me with her and our son to the whole procedure. She was able to think quickly on her feet and offered suggestions to the radiologist when she realized the doctors had to remove the catheter for the VCUG. The doctors ordered the US with the catheter after the VCUG. Juanita was insistent not to cause more harm to our son by placing a catheter twice so she quickly had his schedule changed and we rushed to get his US. She held his pacifier the entire US and make sure we were safe the entire time. After the US we rushed back for the VCUG. We made it before the next scheduled appointment.
Juanita's care extended beyond supporting our son. She showed a special attention to us as parents. She gave our son a bath teaching us all the proven techniques to sooth and clean at the same time. She answered all of our questions, prepared all or our beads of courage, and made up our son's name tag. She involved us in all of the treatments, care, and medical checks. Juanita also assured that all of our son's pricks and pokes were scheduled at the same time to limit his medical interruptions. I cannot say enough about her support for our family in a very scary time for us. We felt comforted knowing Juanita was with our son the times we needed to eat or rest. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Juanita.