Joji Malolos
April 2018
Medical/Surgical Unit
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




The attention I received from my nurse Joji (Josephine) was a blessing beyond measure. Every injection she administered was literally painless. She made me smile constantly while under her care. Her soft voice, her delicate touch, and calming demeanor made me feel safe and happy when I felt some of the hardest feelings of my life, the recognition of my Crohn's disease.
Every time she passed my room and I was standing, she took the time to stop and check. Her attention to detail and compassion made my experience so much more pleasant and bearable.
Joji is an exceptionally skilled and highly aware nurse. She stood out and above with her relaxing and comforting care. I can never thank Joji enough for how much she impacted my stay at the hospital.
Joji showed me what an extraordinary nurse can do with focus, dedication, and a genuine attention to my state of health and my level of pain.
Joji is an amazing nurse and Riverside Community Hospital is very, very lucky to be blessed with her on staff. Thank you, Joji!