Josephine Buadu
February 2018
Digestive Health/ General Surgery
University of Virginia Health System
United States




When conducting leader rounds, it is a pleasure and privilege to hear patient stories about staff who have made a difference during their hospital stay. During one of my rounds, Mr. F, struggling with a cancer diagnosis and failure to thrive, mentioned staff who were special during this hospital stay. Then he went on to recognize Josie from a previous hospital stay. He teared up when he described her extraordinary kindness and compassionate care. He stated that he was extremely depressed. He had decided he had 'had it with hospitals,' told the doctors and his wife to leave the room, pulled out his IV, and said he was ready to leave against medical advice. He said that Josie quietly entered his room and simply asked if he would like for her to pray with him. This single action changed his entire outlook. He agreed to stay in the hospital. Since this time, he has put on 15 pounds and continues to receive care at UVA. Josie's holistic approach to care for Mr. F met his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This demonstration of extraordinary compassion has had a significant, positive impact on Mr. F. Josie, you have made a difference in Mr. F's life that he will never forget. Thank you!