JoLynn Abing
May 2020
Ascension Saint Michael's Hospital
Stevens Point
United States




As JoLynn was walking into work one day, she noticed a mother carrying in her sick child as well as the brother of the sick child walking in behind them. JoLynn stopped to talk to the little boy while the mom was getting registered. The mom was very thankful that JoLynn stayed until she was all done to keep him company.
After the mom was all settled, JoLynn went to get ready for her shift. JoLynn being the great mom and nurse that she is, knew from her conversation that the little boy was going to be running late to school and had probably not eaten breakfast due to their crazy morning. She then went over to the ED/Urgent Care and found the mom and asked her if the little boy had eaten breakfast. The mom said no, so JoLynn asked her if it would be alright if she went and got him something from the cafeteria. The mom immediately trusted JoLynn and asked if it was ok if the little boy went with her to the cafeteria. JoLynn, without hesitation, agreed and brought the boy to the cafeteria.
When they got to the cafeteria, they first looked at donuts, but he was not having it because they did not have the striped ones that he likes from Kwik Trip, so they moved on and found something else to eat. JoLynn sat with this little boy while he ate and listened to him tell her everything he knew about the Titanic, which was a lot. After he was done eating, JoLynn brought him back to his mom, who could not have been more grateful to her.