Jolene Roberts
May 2019
Case Management
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




The purpose of this email is to give the highest commendations to Ms. Roberts in her care, professionalism, attitude, and extreme concern in providing me and my family with extraordinary support for the two days my son, D, was in your ICU department until being transferred to another facility. Ms. Roberts was extraordinary and instrumental in providing step-by-step progress in securing D's transfer happened without a hitch.
Initially, Ms. Roberts made arrangements for D to be transferred via helicopter. However, due to bad weather conditions for that week, Ms. Roberts anticipated the bad weather would possibly continue through the week and proactively changed the means of transportation from helicopter to ground support. If she had not done this, D would have been at risk of losing his ICU spot. Ms. Roberts was in constant communication to ensure D's spot at the ICU was secure and made sure that ground transportation arrived as scheduled. Ms. Roberts went above and beyond and stayed at the hospital until the ambulance arrived that night; again, making sure everything was done precisely.
D's injuries were life-threatening, and upon Riverside accepting him through Emergency, it was anticipated that he was not going to survive. Please note that my son has survived through God, and all injuries sustained are healing/improving. I've asked my son to visit Riverside Hospital specifically to greet Ms. Roberts so that she could see how instrumental she was in helping him overcome his injuries. The professionalism and concern Jolene displayed and the information provided was extremely appreciated. I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and respect in acknowledgment of Ms. Roberts.