Joey Hoover
January 2019
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Recently a patient was brought to the Endo Lab for Pre-Op. As I greeted her and introduced myself, she asked me, "Where's Joey? I specifically asked the doctor to schedule me for a day when Joey was here because she was the best nurse I have ever had." Joey is known for making patients feel at ease and for going above and beyond to deliver high quality care. She left such a strong and lasting impression on this patient that she remembered her by name almost 2 years later! Way to go Joey!
Joey is the most amazing nurse. All the nurses I have met here have been great, but she went above and beyond to calm my nerves and made me feel safe. She also always made a point of asking if I had any questions and finding me answers. From a very scared patient, I can't thank her enough for being there when I needed her. She has a very special spirit about her - full of love and compassion.