October 2022
Delta County Memorial Hospital
United States




Jody was an assuring voice at each step in the process.
Jody was one of my nurses as a recent colonoscopy outpatient. The healthcare hours being filled with so many patients, I imagined is a chore to manage a fresh association with each one in turn. Yet Jody came to the waiting area with friendly introductions for my wife and me and followed with a walk in tandem to the surgery unit. It was as if she was taking me by the hand with an unspoken “everything is going to be all right.” From the very start, I felt like I was her only patient that morning. It is a talent to reassure a stranger, one ascending into the unknowns of a medical procedure with a little hand-holding goes a long way. She has perfected the art.

I was uplifted by her everyday conversations with me, and her explanations given hundreds of times previously yet patiently once more for me. I noted her help with the awkward stuff like clothing and positions for the procedure. She retained my dignity. She overlooked my imperfect and aging body. I actually believed I still have value as a human being. There was a warm blanket on the legs, a painless needle in the hand, and some well–organized questions for the case record. She was an assuring voice at each step in the process. I observed her deference to the anesthetist and the physician when they arrive. I marveled at the mutual respect among medical professionals with the patient looking on.

With all participants present, I noticed her standing behind me with gown and gloves, the procedure now imminent. I wanted to thank her again right then, but the scene faded into darkness with a few drops of propofol, and my experience with her diligent prelude was over. In retrospect, I envision her hands-on involvement with the scoping that followed, and can only hope I behaved for her while asleep! I am ever grateful that she was the one to bring me through what is a rather socially uncomfortable event. It was a wholesome time as a patient in her care. I thank her for her extensive schooling and long years of experience so smoothly enlisted on my behalf. I am a personal witness to her skills, proficiency, and selfless consideration in helping a patient from start to finish. I am beholden to her for making my day Her day.