Jodi Cole
June 2018
Labor and Delivery
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




It has taken quite some time for me to process all of the emotions I experienced in such a short amount of time. I arrived at FH MRH at 7 am as instructed by my doctor for a scheduled induction. I was elated about the impending arrival of my second child. I was calm but also anxious to hold him in my arms. I was welcomed by a team of nurses who prepared me for all that would take place. My admission database was completed, an IV was placed, fluids were hung, and my assigned nurse, Jodi Cole, went over the process. I knew Jodi from working in the hospital and I knew that her skills as a labor and delivery nurse were superior. It seemed like an eternity as we waited for contractions to increase in frequency and intensity, but when they did, everything became a whirlwind. I went from just a few centimeters dilated to 10 centimeters in about 20 minutes. I can remember Jodi coming in and putting me in different positions in the bed. What little bit of obstetric knowledge I had scared me. I could hear my son's heart rate dropping on the monitor. She kept reassuring me that everything was fine. Her facial expression never changed, her tone never varied, and my confidence in her never wavered. I was confident that she knew exactly when to call for the obstetrician. After several attempts of repositioning me, my son's heart rate would stabilize. I was scared to move an inch in the bed, fearing that I would cause more problems for him.
When he was finally ready to make his grand entrance, his heart rate started to drop even more. Nurses and caregivers flooded my room. My doctor walked in, gowned up, and got to business. My husband, a cardiologist, stood on my left side and kept looking over at the monitor watching our son's heart rate. Jodi stood on my right side, and as the late decelerations kept occurring, she kept reassuring me that my baby was fine. I wish I knew exactly how many times I looked at her said, "Is he okay? Is everything okay?" I was flipped from side to side by Jodi and her colleagues, but all of that is a blur to me. What I remember most is her calmness, her assurance, and the peace I had knowing she was my nurse.
We welcomed our son into the world at 6:58 pm on his daddy's birthday. I was so thankful to have a healthy baby boy in my arms. He made his arrival just prior to shift change, and Jodi stayed past her time to leave and wrap up my delivery. My words are not adequate in describing my sincere appreciation to Jodi for the care she provided to me and my son that day, but particularly during those chaotic 30 minutes. Many people may not realize the responsibilities that obstetric nurses carry. They serve as the eyes and ears for the obstetricians around the clock. They are providing care for a mother and child, a family anxiously awaiting the birth of a new baby, and sadly, sometimes they provide care to mothers and families experiencing the loss of a child. I am forever grateful for the superb, efficient, and compassionate care that Jodi gave to me and our little boy. Each time I reflect on that day, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude. She is truly an asset to women's services and the FirstHealth organization.