Jessica Duke
February 2020
General Medicine
University of Virginia Health
United States




Jessica is an amazing nurse. Seriously, I wish I could be like her when I grow up. She exhibits such compassion for her patients every single shift she works. I never see Jessica sitting around: she is always up and about, in her patient's rooms, helping other nurses and staff members, and learning new things. Jessica goes above and beyond for her patients. She has an intuitive mind and pays close attention to detail, which benefits her patients exponentially. Jessica also cares a lot.
I remember one time when we had a patient with bed bugs in a private room. Jessica took excellent care of this patient. She was in the patient's room, talking with him, learned a lot about his home life that contributed to his plan of care and plan for discharge. Jessica gave him a shower (his first shower after multiple days of being in the hospital) and ensured he was very thoroughly cleaned, applied lotion, and helped him comb his hair.
By helping this patient perform even these simple tasks of personal hygiene, Jessica bestowed dignity upon this patient. Jessica went above and beyond by going through this patient's bags of personal belongings, to find that bed bugs and lice were very much alive and present in the patient's clothes and shoes. Jessica sadly informed the patient that all of his belongings must be trashed, which was devastating to the patient, as those bags contained almost the entirety of his personal belongings.
When Jessica came back to work a couple of shifts later, she brought shoes and clothes from her home and gave them to the patient, as she knew he needed replacements for his bug-infested belongings. The patient was very grateful to Jessica for going above and beyond in his care. Jessica didn't just throw away his clothes and pass it along to social work: she followed through and gave of her own belongings to this patient.
This is just one small example of the many times I have seen Jessica care and go above and beyond for her patients. Bed bugs and lice are scary pests to have in the patient room, but the presence of these insects did not affect Jessica's care of this patient.
Jessica sees each person as valued and human and this mindset translates over to her work here. If I'm ever hospitalized, I hope Jessica is my nurse. She is caring and wonderful, and every patient she cares for is extremely blessed to have her as their nurse.