Jessica Abbott
January 2019
Critical Care Unit
Baptist Memorial Hospital - Desoto
United States




I would like to take a minute to recognize Jessica Abbott as extraordinary nurse. Not only is she a great nurse, but a special person with a pure and genuine heart.
I have someone, who is very dear to me in the ICU, as a patient right now. She is very difficult patient and very sick lady. I know she's a handful, but I witnessed Jessica be so caring with both her and the family. While others lost patience with the situation, Jessica never once let frustration show. When trying to wean her off sedation she would wake up very agitated, Jessica leaned in very close and told her the story of what happened to her, what was going on each step of the way, and what the plan was, not only once but over and over and over. The patient would immediately calm down and relax.
Even though she may never remember this, or maybe didn't understand, by Jessica taking so much of her time to ensure she felt safe and comfortable during a very tough situation made all the difference. And the family and I will always remember. This patient was very time consuming, but Jessica never once complained or rushed away, she took time with both the patient and with my family.
There are so many times we hear the wrong things people do, I want to recognize Jessica for everything she did right and what makes her a special nurse and person. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her caring and gentle heart.