Jerrikka Aaron
September 2015
Brookwood Medical Center
United States




Jerrikka Aaron went above and beyond in her care of a very complicated post partum patient. This patient had a complex psychiatric history and had recently been released from a maximum security prison with little prenatal care when she came in to have her baby. During the process of relinquishing her baby to DHR custody and subsequently being transferred to our Psychiatric Unit, the patient became emotionally unstable, noncompliant, attempted to physically leave the unit numerous times, and eventually was successful. Jerrikka called a Dr. Flight, our Psych Rapid Response team was called, and the patient was returned to her room. Jerrikka remained calm and nonjudgmental, constantly reassuring the patient.

As the patient was being prepared to transfer to the Psychiatric Unit, she broke down again, crying uncontrollably. The patient was in a wheelchair, surrounded by the Psych Rapid Response team when Jerrikka stopped the team, bent down eye level with the patient, took a wash cloth and dried her tears. She held the patient's face eye level with hers and told her how sorry she was that she was hurting and reassured her that her baby was safe and would be in a safe place until she could get the help she needed. Jerrikka's embrace and soft spoken words immediately calmed the patient. Jerrikka handled the situation with such grace and compassion; it allowed the patient to maintain her dignity. The patient thanked Jerrikka for being so good to her.

Jerrikka provided excellent care while advocating for this patient in a way that demonstrated the highest respect. Her commitment to this patient exceeded all expectations and she truly rose to the occasion.