Jen Sanchez
November 2018
Emergency Room
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Jen Sanchez is a true gem in the department and an asset to the hospital. She consistently goes above and beyond, living the patient experience even before RCH was pushing customer service. She is a warm, kind, and compassionate soul whom her patients adore.
One example of this would be on a day in the middle of summer when it was over 110 degrees and humid. I was attending an ED update meeting discussing patient experience and witnessed Jen demonstrating the altruistic compassion that is described above. Jen was gently holding a patient's arm to escort a blind elderly patient down to the bus stop. While Jen was escorting the patient, the bus started to roll away. That would not stop Jen from being a patient advocate; she started to wave at the bus driver, got their attention and had the bus stop. She then continued to patiently escort that patient who was slow and methodical in her steps to the bus. Jen then continued to help the patient up the steps of the bus and find a seat. She then proceeded to walk back to the ED and continue her day. During this entire ordeal, she had her signature ever-present warm and inviting smile. She did this not to be seen as in her mind there were no witnesses to her actions. Little did she know that this action was witnessed by the entire ED management and patient experience team. She did this because she took ownership of ensuring that this patient left this facility safely. She did not pawn this duty on to an unsuspecting volunteer. That action is a true embodiment of why one should become a nurse, to help those who are unable to help themselves understand that there may not be recognition for their heroics involved.