Jennifer Nguyen
June 2018
Medical/Surgical Telemetry
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




Let me start by saying that I've had the pleasure of being on this person's day shift three times. One thing that always sticks out is her amazing warm demeanor and bubbly personality. She comes into your room ready to work but with laughter, class, and poise. Jennifer knows me like a book, she goes right into shift change, which is my opening of the day and she's always fast to assess me and my needs. She takes charge of her shift, communicates her needs to support shift and begins to medicate me!! Beautifully out of real genuine care she reminds me to order my breakfast and assess my stomach to have a proper medicine to digest and enjoy my meal. When it comes, she is so compassionate and empathetic and is very attentive to my health needs. Even when she has her hands full, she still rushes in so she can care for me and not be concerned about me getting the help I need. One major thing I adore about her is that she knows her patients' routines. Jennifer is not afraid to let me rest or sleep or even mentally relax for a while. There are a lot of good nurses, but Jennifer is theoverall quality of life type of nurse. What that entitles is making sure all needs of the patient are met: Medications, hygiene, sleep, anxiety, dieting, change of clothes, and cleanliness of the room. She makes sure to the last detail as needed such as tissues and tableside ice water for meds and such. She communicates well to other staff, makes sure that I get the necessities I need to get comfortably throughout the day.