Jena Ahmed
September 2014
Hackensack University Medical Center
United States




Teamwork, initiative and communication skills are essential to all members of the team. On a night shift, with less manpower on all fronts, these three qualities are absolutely imperative. One such individual who performs above and beyond on a nightly basis and exudes the aforementioned qualities is Jena Ahmed, RN.

Jena is the glue that holds our floor together at night. Her leadership on the unit is palpable whether she is officially the charge nurse or not. Situations that can be easily managed on the day shift have the potential to escalate quite quickly and far more significantly on the night shift. This can range from the unstable patient on the unit or the patient in the ER that needs to get a bed on our floor stat. Jena demonstrates the communication skills, initiative, and teamwork on all of these fronts to maintain patient-centered quality care.

Her patients love her: "Jena has been my nurse on numerous occasions and each time she has gone above and beyond her typical duties as a nurse. Anything I needed or wanted to make my stay more comfortable, I had to do no more than ask. Jena's commitment and passion is to her patients."