Jeffrey Teodosio Adriano
February 2020
Medical Unit
Al Khor Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation




Since Jeffrey started working here, he has demonstrated compassion to the patients and a concern for the unit. There are two occasions to be discussed:
One night, during the holiday season, I received a call that I could transfer one of our patients to the heart hospital, for chest tube insertion and a procedure in the early morning. As the shift charge, I needed to arrange a male staff for the patient transfer, but the night staff was all female. We held a draw to see which male would accompany the patient, and Jeffrey's name was pulled. Jeffrey accepted at once, without hesitation, and you could see his concern and understanding for our unit. He didn't make it back to the hospital until much later and then came back for his evening shift that day. I appreciated him with good words and hope that he'll be blessed in other ways.
On another night in December, we had a sick patient with a continuously high fever, which wasn't reducing after continued administration of antipyretic medication. Jeffrey stayed with this patient, continually giving the patient a tepid sponge bath to reduce his temperature. Jeffrey was assigned to this patient for 4 consecutive days, of which he never complained.
I learned that the patient couldn't thank Jeffrey in English for staying beside him when he was so sick but on the day before his discharge, feeling better, he went out of the room and filled out a DAISY Award nomination for Jeffery. He dropped his letter into the nomination box, in front of the doctors, telling that he's feeling better and nominating Jeffrey.
The nomination letter that the patient wrote for Jeffrey (translated from Arabic to English), reads: "He is very helpful to a great extent and happy in doing his work. He was professional, ethical and knew what to do, without taking guidance from me. He is doing what is required, and more, with joy and a happy heart. He is a great representation of the hospital and the nursing department. I wish all nurses were as caring as Jeff".