Jazmin Williams
April 2022
Urology/Thoracic Surgery Unit, Zayed 11 West
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Overall, she made me feel so comfortable and peaceful during what was a challenging time for me.
I had just finished coming out of recovery for my radical prostatectomy when I arrived to my room in an adjacent building for an overnight stay. I had lost a liter of blood, and my hemoglobin count was low, so they wanted to keep me for monitoring. I knew I was in good hands when Jazmin walked in the door and greeted me as the nurse that would be caring for me. It all began with her smile and her reassuring me that she would do everything she could to ensure I was comfortable and continued down the road of a speedy recovery. She was patient with my questions and the questions that my spouse had about my care. She listened, provided eye contact, never appeared to be in a rush, and always made sure I had what I needed and my concerns were resolved. That night I was in quite a bit of pain and nauseous. She knew exactly what I would need and provided it quickly. She even made sure my spouse was comfortable as he was staying in the room with me. She ensured he had a pillow, blankets, and a few other things to make him comfortable. She asked me questions about where I was from and the type of work that I do. We quickly realized that her sister and I work in the same field and in the same region of Virginia. She responded to my medical questions so thoroughly that I assumed she had been in the field for years and years. When I asked her how long she had been a nurse, she said just one and a half years. I was shocked and amazed. She seemed settled into the profession like she had been doing it for years. She also was clear in letting me know what things I would have to wait for my physician to explain or review with me. I appreciated her knowing her scope of work and expertise. Overall, she made me feel so comfortable and peaceful during what was a challenging time for me. It was my first time having surgery. She alleviated so many fears and concerns of mine. She smiled frequently and took a genuine interest in me as her patient. It is obvious that she is committed to the profession and entered it for all the right reasons. She was personable, kind, and patient. She is indeed a DAISY. She was the flower that I needed. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to send my sincerest gratitude to Jazmin of Zayed 11 West of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.