Jamie Hicks
December 2016
Neonatal ICU
University of Virginia Health System
United States




The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is normally a place filled with joy and promise. It is a place where it is not only the patient that is cared for but also their families. We care for the families through many firsts, some good and some bad. But what is important to note is that we get them through it. This was clearly demonstrated recently by my friend and colleague Jamie Hicks.
There was recently a full-term baby delivered under incredibly difficult circumstances resulting in a devastating outcome not only for the baby but also for the family. The infant's mom was in an ICU setting for several days needing intubation and ECMO to survive. She was ultimately able to successfully de-cannulate and extubate only to be met with devastating news not only about herself but also her newborn. Through all this Jamie demonstrated poise, empathy and professionalism. She was instrumental in bringing the infant, who was also intubated and requiring full life support measures, to visit the mom and her family in the ICU setting so that she could spend time with her infant before transitioning to comfort measures only. She met with the family daily, helped wipe tears and gave hugs when needed. I am certain that this family will hold the memory of Jamie and all the organization and support she instrumented to allow this family time to spend with their infant before and after death long after they are discharged from the hospital.
Jamie's love and support shines through. She is a professional and caring nurse through and through. It is a joy and honor to call her friend and colleague. She inspires me daily to be better.