Jackie Adington
July 2017
Home Health
Ephraim McDowell Health: Danville and Stanford
United States




We recently had a patient who we saw in the home setting, he had many acute and chronic illnesses. His only caregiver was a sister who was elderly herself. One night after hours, the family reached out to Jackie to let her know that their home had burned down due to a kitchen fire. The sister was able to safely remove the patient from the home. This family had very little, to begin with, but after the fire was left with nothing. The patient has a trach, oxygen, and weakness along with other health conditions. He was placed at a local hotel by the United Way for two days. Jackie quickly jumped into action, she rallied our entire department together. We were able to raise $200 very quickly to help the family with food. Jackie had items of clothing donated for the sister and the male patient from our employees. Gift baskets with snack foods were fixed to take to them so that they would have snacks available. Jackie drove miles out of her way to deliver these items and check on the patient. She communicated regularly throughout the process with pharmacies, doctors, DME companies and our management team to ensure the patient didn't miss a beat with his healthcare needs. She is a kind and compassionate person and did all of this without the intent of receiving recognition. Many of us were involved because she was so eager to help this family in their time of need. She does acts of kindness for her patients daily and she is a true asset to our system and community.