February 2019
Emergency Department
Franklin Woods Community Hospital
Johnson City
United States




After caring for a 10-year-old female who presented to the Emergency Department for suicidal ideation due to being bullied at school, Ivy took it upon herself to take the young lady clothes, journals and pens. While caring for the young lady, we found out her father had full custody of her and her brother. He was working two jobs and was very concerned for his daughter's well-being, taking her to therapy appointments, and meeting with the school's guidance counselors regularly.
The young lady opened up to us and told us she loves to write in her journal. Ivy did more than "just her job" that day. A single mother herself, she knows the struggles of raising a young girl. She went above and beyond by letting that young lady know that the nurses in the ED cared about her and were sending her good thoughts and love, and if she needed to talk to a female, she could talk to her or any of the nurses in the ED.