ICU Team at Phoenixville Hospital - Tower Health
November 2022
ICU Team at Phoenixville Hospital
- Tower Health
Phoenixville Hospital-Tower Health
United States
ICU Staff




From the moment I arrived in the Phoenixville Hospital ICU I was treated with respect and genuine care. To this day I am shocked by the amount of compassion the nurses, physicians, and caretakers at Phoenixville Hospital possess. To come into work each day, watch and care for hurting souls, and do their best to distract them from the pain through laughter and hints of love. It is such a beautiful occurrence. These staff, or as I like to call them, Heroes, have shown me compassion beyond necessary. They were always there for me. At a time, I didn’t feel important to the world they made me feel significant. So, to all that helped me during this difficult journey, I thank you wholeheartedly. It’s rare to find a person so dedicated and caring in their profession, but the whole team shared that quality and more. I am beyond grateful for the caring I was shown by these beautiful souls. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you for all you do. I wish every one of you the most fulfilling life imaginable. I will never forget you!