Hollie Wright
September 2019
Nursing Float Pool
Wise Health System
United States




Hollie was the very last nurse in charge of my Dad's care. You see, my Dad had a long history of cardiac issues in his very short life. He had been sick for a couple of weeks and admitted to the hospital. It was decided that after the results of an echocardiogram on the morning of Friday, that he need to have a cardiac cath performed that afternoon.
After a restless late morning/early afternoon, Hollie came in to prepare my Dad for his procedure. I stepped out of the room for his complimentary Brazilian that we joked with him about and then it was time for him to leave his room and go down for his cath. We said our "I love you's" and "See you later's", not knowing that it would be the last time this side of Heaven.
My Dad succumbed to a complication during his cath that was not survivable. We had to decide to withdraw care and I was able to pray over my Dad and kiss him one last time and to thank him for being the very best Dad and Bopo (his unique grandfather name).
While I am thankful for the entire cath lab team and was able to hug all of them and feel the sweat on their bodies due to all the hard work they did to attempt to save him, Hollie and her words were the most comforting. She was the last person to get to have a conversation with my Dad.
Hollie told me that my Dad was a sweet and kind man and that she had no doubt that he had peace about his journey. That he had told her, 'Whatever happens, he was okay.' I cannot describe what her conversation meant to me. She was able to see how amazing he was in just one conversation. That is truly the kind of guy my Dad was.
After they got him moved back to his room, Hollie stayed with us and talked with I think every person in our family. She was so caring, kind and was ready to not only meet physical needs but emotional ones. I will never forget her love and dedication to my Dad and to all of us during such a difficult time.
Eighteen months have passed but writing this still took half a box of tissues. What has been the hardest day of my life so far, was made lesser so by the dedication and kindness of Hollie. She is truly an asset to Wise Health System and to anyone that is able to spend just a minute or two with her. She is truly an inspiration.
Thank you, Hollie, for the difference you have made in my life, I am forever grateful.