Henry Martelly
February 2020
Operating Room
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Henry started his journey in OR nursing and with our team here at RCH just one year ago, with the January 2019 StaRN Cohort. What he has accomplished in the last year has been very impressive. He has completed his StaRN Residency, taken a role as a nurse on the PM shift in the OR, and has risen to the challenge of becoming one of our night charge nurses, which he is outstanding at.
Even more impressive is the manner in which Henry has moved through this journey. From the beginning, he was recognized for bringing people together, organizing and hosting dinners for the other residents in the StaRN cohort as they built a great relationship as a team before joining their OR family. As he has moved into the OR, he has always had a positive attitude and been calm under pressure. Whenever someone mentions his name, I feel the respect from his peers. They love working with him for various reasons.
To name a few, Henry is accountable and takes ownership of the unit, never shies away from helping out his coworkers, and has really brought energy and solidified a very difficult role in the OR. The night-shift charge nurse wears many hats and he does it with grace and honor for his profession, always placing the patient at the forefront of every decision he makes. He is a beacon of light during the night.
Finally, Henry would never promote himself. The humility he displays reflects his ownership of the role of a nurse and commitment to our mission, "to the care and improvement of human life." If he knew others, including myself, were lobbying to have him recognized, he would be very embarrassed. Nevertheless, I would put myself out there for him and what he brings every day. So, let's celebrate him.