January 2011
Asante Three Rivers Medical Center
Grants Pass
United States




Heather was nominated by a coworker who said, “Heather is an exceptional charge nurse and a wonderful team member. She is very capable, and is always willing to jump in and help. I can go to her with any questions or concern, and she listens and acts as needed. She always acts as a patient advocate and I’ve seen her stand up for her patients even when she is met with conflict.

I’ve always known that Heather is great to work with, but I recently had an opportunity to see her from a different side. This last September, my husband had knee surgery, and had returned to his room doing very well. HE was sitting in a chair, when all of a sudden he said to me, “I don’t feel well, I think I’m going to faint”. I immediately went into the hall to get help, as he is 6’2” and I knew I shouldn’t/couldn’t get him back to bed myself. The RN, the CN A and Heather immediately came to the room. I think Heather should be renamed “The Goddess of Swiftness and Strength”!!! She boosted him back to bed (I think I helped, but I honestly can’t remember!) and quickly assessed the situation. She called a Rapid Response, and then a Code Blue. As the teams descended on the room, all I clearly remember is Heather. Throughout the episode, she spoke calmly to him and to me, directed the interventions, and acted with efficiency and skill. I was able to remain calm because Heather was calm. I knew everything was going to be ok because I trusted that Heather was not going to settle for any other outcome. Long story short, everything turned out fine, thanks to Heather, the wonderful C/D saff and the emergency teams.

The next day, Heather stopped in personally to check on my husband and see how he was doing. He appreciated her stopping in.

It is very interesting to stop and look at the hospital through the eyes of a patient and/or patient’s family, and I am very happy to say that Heather is a fine representative for us all.

Three Rivers is very fortunate to have Heather as a Charge Nurse, and I am very blessed to work with her.”

She also received a nomination from a patient who said, “Heather always had a smile that was real and she made me feel cared for and loved! All of the staff at Three Rivers were excellent, but Heather made me feel like an angel was ministering to me!

Thanks, Three Rivers and all the staff that work there!!!”