Hanna Enriquez-Chiang
February 2020
Central Staffing Resources, Adult General Care
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
United States




Hanna epitomizes the Hippocratic Oath and Florence Nightingale in the highest sense of those words. Her solid work ethic, holistic healing, and bedside manner are exemplary and merit all superlatives. She not only brings mature leadership and solid nursing skills, but she also infuses these qualities with a welcoming disposition.
When she first walked into the room this morning, I immediately sensed that here is a professional far above the ordinary. Hanna gives me straight talk that is courteous, and knowledgeable advice about my nursing care. She interfaces with the discharge planner, physical therapy, and the occupational therapist, and is immediate in paging the doctors. She is scrappy and moves with purpose and passion. She promotes natural healing methods which I welcome, such as taking prune juice. She is not above carrying food trays and does what is necessary to get the job done. Her most important words to me were, "You must be an advocate for your health, and it is ok to ask questions."
In a word, she is an asset not only to your department, but also to Michigan Medicine, and to the nursing profession. To ask a nurse to be consistently at the top of one's game is a daunting expectation and a tall order. But for me, Hanna reaches that bar; a role model of excellence!