Haley Lutz
May 2017
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Haley was part of my God-daughter's care when she sustained a devasting work injury and lost her right hand. Haley was very pleasant and compassionate toward My God-daughter and our family. She took the time to speak with my God-daughter about her work and places in Charlottesville to eat, which was a great distraction technique for my God-daughter. Haley was attentive to our family's needs and took great care of my God-daughter. She joined us in prayer as many were said when she was in the room to provide care. Her lighthearted conversation and sense of humor provided much needed comic relief at a difficult time. We could not be more appreciative for the kindness and compassion she showed to my God-daughter and our family.
It was apparent that Haley knew nursing and how to use her resources to get the job done. She worked well with the many physicians that were involved in my God-daughter's treatment plan. We witnessed her following the order of steps to contact the Doctors needed to help manage my God-daughter's pain. It was evident to us that she enjoyed her job and was good at it; this made us feel comfortable and confident that my God-daughter was well taken care of medically. We are grateful to have had Haley as part of my God-daughter's health care team.