Grace Babia
February 2019
Pediatric Operating Room
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Two doctors, known worldwide for their expertise in bladder exstrophy correction surgery, had agreed to help a 10-year-old child from the Philippines who had multiple previous unsuccessful surgeries. He came to Hopkins with the financial support of a generous donor to cover flights and housing cost. The surgeons waived their professional fees.
Grace Babia, from the Peds OR, was contacted ahead of time by the doctor because he knew that she would be a great resource to the family during their extended stay. Grace not only took this challenge on—she far over exceeded the expectations of the child and family.
Grace organized multiple volunteers to not only meet with the family, support them with food from their culture, clothes to keep them warm in our winter months, but also offer companionship during the many weeks in the hospital post-surgery and later in recovery at the Children's House.
The child is on his way home today—two months later. I am sure, because of the wonderful donor, the surgeons, nurses, and all staff—but especially Grace for organizing the many members that came forward to assist—that this family has not only great memories but are in true awe of the Hopkins community.
It is not always in what we say, it is in what we do that we make a difference. We made a difference in this child's life.