Glaresa Villamil
May 2022
Med Surg
Riverside Community Hospital
United States




Her peers come to work knowing if Gigi is there they will have a good day.
Gigi Villamil has been a nurse for over 20 years. Throughout her journey as a nurse, she has grown into an incredible patient advocate and also an incredible team leader. Gigi is continually recognized by both patients and her peers for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best care and create a positive work environment.

One patient recognized Gigi for ensuring that she was safely discharged. Gigi took it upon herself to ensure that the patient had everything she needed prior to leaving the hospital, and went out of her way to purchase her food when she missed the ordering time for lunch.

Another patient expressed their gratitude to Gigi for genuinely listening and understanding their stresses while being in the hospital. On multiple occasions, Gigi has taken the extra step for patients that made a huge difference in their healing process by assisting with limiting the stressors in their personal lives. She has even gone as far as tracking down a patient’s dog who ended up in a shelter due to the owner being hospitalized and was able to get the shelter to hold the dog for him until he could pick him up.

Her peers continually recognize her for the comfort and security she brings to the unit. You can never tell when Gigi is stressed or having a difficult day because she always has a calming air to her. Her peers come to work knowing if Gigi is there they will have a good day. Gigi is the kind of nurse that many aspire to be. She is a true leader and always leads by example.