Gissella Cruz
May 2018
Medical Services
Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center - Jasper
United States




A patient who had previously been on the Medical Unit where Gissella Cruz was assigned as his primary nurse was admitted to our hospital. He did not speak English. Gissella translated for the provider and the patient. This patient was later transferred to Critical Care Services. Even though communication could have been done through the Language Line, Gissella had developed an excellent rapport with the patient. Knowing that communication was a barrier, she kindly volunteered to come to the hospital on her day off to translate. Both the medical provider and the patient were very comfortable and confident with her translating. Upon discharge, again she volunteered to come to the hospital the following day to translate discharge instructions to the patient. Due to the patient's circumstances, discharge was a two-hour process in which Gissella gave her time and talent, and she did it with a compassionate heart and infectious smile. She provided an excellent experience for this patient by making a very special connection because of her kindness, compassion, excellent nursing care, the ability to communicate with the patient, and by volunteering on her days off to go above and beyond. Gissella truly lives out our mission to "Be For Others."