September 2013
Neurotrauma ICU
Mission Hospital
United States




Nomination from CC

Ginnifer was my husband's nurse for all three days of his recent NTICU stay. She was wonderful to him, and she was wonderful to all of us. She answered all of our family's many questions and all of his, which was no small feat: He suffered short-term memory loss and asked her the same questions every two or three minutes for most of his time on the unit. She provided excellent nursing care when he was very, very ill, she was incredibly patient, and she kept a great sense of humor. I appreciate her hard work to help him more than I can say, and also her hard work to help me - She made me smile (And even laugh!) when I really wasn't sure that I could.

Nomination from JS

Ginnifer took time to explain my son in law's injuries and what to expect daily in terms that were easily understood. She was gentle with my entire family yet positive for my son in law's recovery. Ginnifer respected the fact that my daughter is a nurse also and Ginnifer's professional attitude helped my daughter remain calm in a very, very difficult time. She listened to my concerns and handled situations with kindness and intelligence. Ginnifer was an Angel. I was beyond thrilled to have her care for my precious son in law.

Nomination from SA

My brother-in-law was on Mission's Neuro Trauma ICU floor after a horrible accident in which he lost most of his blood. After emergency surgery, he was admitted to the NTICU, and we were told he might be there for 1-3 weeks, if he made it through his first 72 hours. Ginnifer was not only highly capable and efficient in caring for him; she also did an exceptional job keeping my sister informed and hopeful. Her good humor and highly competent care for him made a very scary situation a little lighter, and by some miracle that she played a HUGE part in, he was out of the ICU in just 3 days. It is now 5 days after his accident, and he is HOME. The entire Mission team, from the ambulance, to the ER, to the OR, to the NTICU, was excellent, but Ginnifer's skill and manner stood out above all the rest. I almost lost one of my favorite people in the world. My sister almost lost her husband. Ginnifer helped us keep him, and we will never forget that.

Nomination from NH

Ginnifer did a great job of talking to my family member's wife while he was in ICU. She kept her well informed which helped calm her.

Nomination from BH

Ginnifer had an upbeat and friendly spirit during the time that my family member was in ICU. She kept a smile on her face and talked with my family member to keep him informed once he was awake and breathing on his own.

Nomination from BC

My brother-in-law was in a terrible accident and, after surgery, was in the NTICU. He was fortunate to have Ginnifer as his day nurse the entire time he was there. In addition to providing excellent care and making sure he was comfortable, Ginnifer was kind and caring to our family, took time to make sure that we understood what was going on, and answered all of our questions without getting irritated that we asked so many. She never hurried to leave at the end of her shift and always made sure that everything was in order for my brother-in-law to have a good night with the night nurse. She was simply wonderful, and were we're so lucky to have her to take care of my brother-in-law who, incidentally, made amazing progress and was moved out of NTICU much earlier than originally anticipated.

Nomination from CS

My son-in-law was recently admitted through ER with life-threatening injuries. When he made it through surgery and went to NTICU, Ginnifer was his day nurse for three days. At every step of the way, she was compassionate, competent, patient, and supportive of him, my daughter, and our family. I cannot imagine having anyone with whom we would have been more pleased. Her attitude, honesty, and manner helped pull us all through an emotionally draining time, and we will forever be grateful to her.