Gaby Chomiak
May 2015
Palos Community Hospital
Palos Heights
United States




My husband and I are married 43 years. In the last 2 years he has been hospitalized 3 times. The first time for a bacterial infection which he was in the hospital for 5 months. The second for open heart surgery triple bypass and now for diverticulosis. I was so scared and nervous. I panic because of all the blood he was passing. From the moment he was put into ICU Gaby made me feel 100 times better. She worked with such great confidence that I felt as ease. She was so very compassionate and understanding not only to my husband's feelings but mine also. I ask a lot of questions because I want to know what's happening and also want to understand what they are telling me. Gaby never acted like any question was stupid and if I still didn't understand she would print up sheets for me on the subject. She took care of us and made us feel like we were her family. My husband is coming home today, we'll never forget her. She made our stay easier.