Faith Abdelkarim
February 2013
Fida "Faith"
Cardiac Unit
MetroHealth Medical Center
United States




Since 1995, my father has been a patient on 3c. He has had open heart surgery, stents, ablation, pacemaker and CHF. Over the years we have come across wonderful nurses who have cared for him. The person that I would like to nominate for the DAISY award is Faith Abdelkarim. For the last 3-4 years, each time dad was admitted, Faith was his nurse. After having her care for dad the first couple of times, we looked forward to each admission that she would be there. We felt that her name gave us hope that he would get better.

My father was not an easy patient. He would get confused, not be nice to the staff, but Faith always kept her composure with him. She would speak slowly and gently just like he wanted. She would be patient with him while he took his medications one by one. My father never felt threatened by her presence. She had a gentleness that calmed him down.

Not only was she wonderful with dad, but also a great support for my family. This last admission dad had a moment when he began to cry. Faith was not afraid to cry along with us. A week later, I went to drop off some papers on the floor and I saw Faith. I told her the news that dad had passed away. Again we cried.

Throughout the years, Faith has demonstrated the qualities of caring and compassion not just the person but the person as a whole. I feel that she should be recognized by receiving the DAISY award but also honoring her unit for all their hard work and dedication that they give each day to their patients.