November 2017
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I want to recognize a team of nurses who do every day heroism that sometimes doesn't surface for praise because we are so used to these women performing miracles. They saved my life, but the story about their kindness and skill is hard for me to tell because honestly, I can't remember much since I was in medical crisis most of the time. What I do remember involves the amazing team of nurses that were there to support me, my child and more importantly my husband who still remains a little traumatized from the day's events. My husband tells me that the OB team was really great at making him feel supported and kept him up-to-date on what was happening, what was normal and what needed attention during the laboring process and my recovery. He says that the shift transitions were smooth and the new nurses coming on knew what was happening and could answer all his questions with ease. In addition, these nurses were so helpful during the aftercare part of the birth. All that was wonderful, even before we were in a critical, life and death situation.
The crisis that I am about to describe occasioned a week in the hospital between CCU and OB, and during that time, I was conscious and I got to know many nurses at KVH. They helped me with everything from learning to breastfeed a baby that didn't want to latch, to some of the less romantic parts to recovery. My husband and I always felt comfortable, supported and educated with the team. As for the recovery and surgical nurses during and after the emergency surgery, what can we say, without them, I wouldn't be here to write this letter.
These nurses identified a change in my condition after the C-section which led to the emergency surgery. They showed great teamwork when they noticed that I was having an active bleed and needed immediate surgical intervention. They worked fast with the lab to get the test to provide evidence I was having the bleed and when they decided I was in need of a blood transfusion the order was made quickly and flawlessly. They were there as a team to get the job done as well as support my husband who was extremely scared he may lose me. When he had to sign the consent form for the emergency surgery that they may have to take my uterus to stop the bleeding and save my life, he was able to sign that with the support of the nurses. When he needed help managing family and visitors who were a bit overwhelming for us, nurses offered to jump in and manage the visitors. Lastly, when we just needed a minute to sleep or gather ourselves, the nurses were there to help with my son. I wish I could remember more and praise these ladies more, but all I can say is I think of them as family now and it brightens my day when I see them around KVH.
We are so thankful for this group and whatever training they received to be able to manage and catch an incident like ours. Without these nurses I don't think I would be here to write this letter.
Team Members honored with this DAISY TEAM Award:
Kayse Bruno RN,FBP
Annie Stingley RN, FBP
Jodi Huschka RN, SOP
Debbie Lawson RN, MS, CCU
Becky Cortese RN CCU
Jennifer Crane RN, FBP
Celeste Tapia RN, FBP
Angela Seim RN, FBP
JohnniJean Jarman RN, FBP
Kathrine McKeown RN, FBP
Marlys Chambers RN, SOP
Erin Steele RN, FBP.
Darlene Bartlett PCT, FBP
Lab techs, surgical techs, CRNAs
Dr. Sand
Dr. Penoyar