January 2018
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Today we are here from Passport USA to recognize Faith Lamprea for living out her dream and role modeling all the qualities and attributes that are associated with an excellent nurse. She is a shining example of professionalism, teamwork, dedication and compassion.
We recently learned from Faith that she had been recognized by her peers here at Duke Eye Center for living your values and receiving the Staff Choice award for Teamwork. Some of the outstanding feedback we received about Faith includes:
Thank you, Faith, for always being willing to help and accepting all assignments with professionalism. Thanks for giving me a break during a particularly challenging case.

She is always kind, caring and helpful for her teammates. She never complains no matter how difficult her day may be. Faith always offers assistance and many times she sees things that need to be done and does them without being asked.

"Faith came to us as a traveler from England approximately 6 months ago, but I already consider her to be a permanent part of our Eye Center OR team. She exemplifies the meaning of teamwork"
Faith's Supervisor at Passport USA values the commitment and professionalism that Faith displays in their interactions and highly recommended her for this prestigious award. Faith is an important part of the Passport USA family and she truly represents the quality we strive to achieve and is an excellent ambassador for our mission "To make healthcare better".