October 2012
Stroke Unit
Maimonides Medical Center
United States




It is with great honor and pleasure that I write this letter to commend my colleague Ms. Abalos or “Ate” in Filipino dialect meaning “big sister”, for the DAISY Award.
During the years that I’ve been closely working with Ms. Abalos, she consistently demonstrates all the qualities and more of an excellent RN. I always see Ms. Abalos’ dedication and competence in her chosen field. She handles emergency situations with ease and rises on top with positive attitude. Handles even the most difficult patients with tender love and care. She is a hard worker and always ready to help.
As her colleague on 6 West, I can say with all honesty that Ms. Abalos has shown integrity and grained respect from supervisors, co-workers and most especially her patients.
Nomination #2:
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Ms. Evangeline Abalos, RN for the DAISY Award. Evangeline is a TRUE TEAM PLAYER. Her quiet demeanor always works to keep her patients calm as she speaks to them in her ever so soft voice. She is always busy with her patients either talking to them or providing a lot of extra care (TLC). From ensuring the patient has the meal to ensuring their bowel activity is regular.
When she arrives on the unit and completes her assessments she consistently interacts with the MD staff to ensure follow up and follow through on all of the patient’s care needs that she has identified.
Her communication is always professional and courteous. Her patience with all who she comes in contact with is unending. Her cultural competence consistently comes through in her delivery of care, we recently had a Spanish speaking only, elderly female who was in need of placement and spent an extra long period of time on the unit. She was a very loving and motherly “pleasantly confused” patient who loved to talk (in Spanish) to all who came in contact with her; this patient seemed to require a lot of love from all the staff she met and we all gave her some attention and love. However, when Evangeline was assigned to her, she spent additional time sitting by the patient’s room communicating with her using therapeutic touch, and playing games with her. Evangeline said “I just want to make her happy”.
In addition to working to ensure her patients are well cared for, on her days off Evangeline finds time to use her creative skills to make buttons which the staff attach to their employee ID. Of course she charges a small fee for her talent, but what do you think she does with the money? The money is saved for unit activities. Evangeline told me to save the money for the unit to use or other donations to a worthy cause. We, the staff of 6 West, recently donated part of the collected funds from the sale of these buttons to Nurse’s House. Evangeline was so pleased to do this and in her usual unselfish way, she asked that the money be donated on behalf of the staff of 6 West.
“Catch Us At Our Best” cards frequently mention her by name. She consistently demonstrates her passion for nursing through her understated leadership style.