Emily Gillman
December 2021
The Comprehensive Transplant Unit, Zayed 9 West
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Emily had the most amazing attitude and it lifted us up all day.
I have never witnessed anything like the care and support that Emily Gillman gave to my husband as he was moved from the ICU after a liver transplant.

As we entered the hospital room that C was being moved into, Emily greeted him with a wonderful booming, "Well, there you are! We have been waiting for you!" We all laughed out loud and immediately felt relief with such a wonderful welcome. Emily wore a mask but you could tell she always had a big smile on her face, no matter how difficult the work was. She encouraged C every minute and he did so well with her support. We moved into her room on a Monday, and on Wednesday he walked a mile around the hall, so she promptly gave him a certificate! She made everything fun and everything doable.

Even though he had just had such a serious surgery, she cheered him on and made sure he had everything he needed to be as comfortable as possible. We talked and laughed through serious work: IV's/shots/tests, etc. She was efficient, professional, and gentle with all of the processes we had to go through. Nothing got her down! We asked her a million questions. She explained everything. We feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful angel for three days to care for C.

We miss her so much. Emily had the most amazing attitude and it lifted us up all day. She was kind to our family as they visited. She treated C like gold. She was literally like a ray of sunshine that appeared and got us to do our very best each day. We don't even know how to say enough for her care. We are incredibly thankful.