Emily Burns
December 2022
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
United States




Emily became a huge part of our family. She has a huge heart.
Since day one, the day J arrived at the NICU, Emily has been with her. Since I wasn’t able to be with her because I was still in the hospital in Harford County, Emily would call and update me and let me know step by step what was going on. It felt like Emily was always by our side. Days turned to weeks, then J got her G-tube. Emily sat with me when I cried, laughed, and was angry. She helped me bring J’s two sisters to meet her. Emily became a huge part of our family. She has a huge heart. She has always been by our side throughout everything.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and J finally got her trach after 6 months. We have walked a bumpy road with J and Emily has been by our side every step! From a shoulder to cry on to a warm hug for comfort, to a listening ear, to Emily doing monthly crafts with J and keeping up with her beads every day for 6 months now! Just knowing that Emily has walked this journey by our side these past 6 months has not only inspired us but our family too. She has helped me in life in more ways than she knows. I thank God daily for the amazing, caring, loving nurse that Emily is, even though I wish we met under different circumstances. There is no nurse like her and no one else that I would choose to care for my daughter. Emily is not just a NICU nurse, she is a friend and a huge part of our family now and will continue to be after we leave the NICU! We love you, Emily.