Emergency Department Team
November 2018
Emergency Department
Wise Health System
United States
Kelli Turner, RN;
Jamie Clark, RN;
Jerrad Bouldin, LVN;
Mallorie Bogan, RN;
Rebecca Phillips, RN;
Brittany Opsahl, RN




This team of Emergency Department Nurses not only did an excellent job of saving a young mother's life as she was actively bleeding, but somewhere in this chaos was able to take turns caring for her young child, a 6-year-old, who was traveling with her mother when she became ill. The team kept the child entertained all night long while Mom was in emergency surgery and her grandparents traveled in from Louisiana. The night nurses all offered to stay over their shift to watch the child, and one nurse did stay until she fell asleep around 0730 that morning. This is definitely going above and beyond to care for not only the patient but her family as well.
This email was sent to the ED team from the ED Director the following morning to update them and thank them for the special care they provided:
"Your little 6y/o ER friend from last night got to her grandparents safe and sound this morning. What an amazing team y'all are. I stopped in CCU to tell Mom she was safe within the ER, she was so appreciative and had tears in her eyes. I stopped back by when I saw grandparents there later in the day. I told them what a great job y'all did and the child started telling them all the cool things she got to do and how much fun she had. Her grand-dad said, 'I told you that y'all stopped for help in the right place, Texas people are so friendly and helpful'. Great job saving Mom's life and taking care of her precious cargo for her. Way to represent WHS and the great state of Texas, so proud of our team!!"
The patient said, "The staff in the ER, OB/GYN, surgical and ICU are truly amazing. Not only did they save my life literally but treated my daughter like a queen until my parents arrived from out of town (6 hours) they fed, played and took care of my 6-year-old while saving my life. Thank you will never be enough. This hospital saved me. Thank y'all for being the best and doing an amazing job!!!"