Beth Washick Miller
January 2019
Washick Miller
Inpatient Psychiatry
Hennepin Healthcare
United States




Beth always goes above and beyond to help patients, families, and support staff. She is extraordinary and meticulous when combing through patient charts, questioning why something is or isn't ordered. She will seek out answers until she is satisfied that the patient's care plan is appropriately reflected in orders. She is an advocate for patient comfort and safety and always attempts to find ways to say 'yes' to patient requests, when working in inpatient psychiatry we often have to say 'no' to things due to safety issues. She is always pleasant and polite to our patient population, fighting for their rights, even when it becomes challenging and the patient is calling her names because they can't have something they want. She is also an amazing support person to all staff and gives her all when she works. She works as a floor nurse in addition to triaging when needed. When there is downtime she takes the time to figure things out, rather than let things just remain the same and hope that someone else will take care of a problem (Ex: When she discovered supplies that had expiration dates on them she went through the entire supply room to pull the expired stuff out then notified management of the issue. She did this same thing when she learned that the milk in the patient kitchen was expired. She pulled it all out and contacted the other psych units so patients wouldn't drink expired milk.) She is an amazing nurse with an incredible knowledge base. She is respected by us fellow peers and patients alike. I feel she deserves recognition for all that she does for her patient and fellow staff.