Elizabeth Frazier
May 2021
Cardiology Clinic
University of Virginia Health
United States




Elizabeth went above and beyond to get me in for testing so I could get my leads and pacemaker replaced early.
Elizabeth is the definition of an extraordinary nurse. As a nurse manager myself, I know what it means to have that special nurse that provides compassionate care.

I was referred to Dr. M for lead extraction/replacement and pacemaker replacement. My ventricular lead was out of place and draining my battery at an alarming rate and my atrial lead also was out of place and needed to be replaced. I was already stressed out about my battery life draining at a rate of 2 months per 3 weeks. Dr. M then described the procedure and everything involved which was extremely overwhelming, then came the blow. She wanted to do it the same day we were supposed to take my daughter to her main dance competition. It hit me hard since my daughter is a junior in high school and this is the first year she has a solo. I asked about moving it up, but Dr. M said it was too complicated to put together in 2 weeks’ time. At that point, I knew I couldn't put it off. I was overwhelmed, sad, scared and in came Elizabeth. She let me cry. She repeated everything I missed that Dr. M had said about the procedures I would need, and she said she was going to do what she could for me.

By Monday I was better but nervous about how fast my battery was draining since my surgery was still 3 weeks out. I called Elizabeth and she called back that afternoon and put me at ease. She said she would be in touch with my appointments for my pre-procedure tests.

The next day I got a My Chart alert for my tests scheduled for that Friday and the next thing I knew my phone was ringing. I answered and it was Elizabeth. She said, “I think I have some news you might like. We had a cancelation, how about Monday?” I said, “For my procedure?” She said, “Yes. When the cancelation came in, I thought of you. I want you to go to your daughter's event, but I needed to see if I could get your pre-procedure testing lined up first.” I was again overwhelmed, but with gratitude.

Elizabeth went above and beyond to get me in for testing so I could get my leads and pacemaker replaced early. Not only do I get to see my daughter dance now, but I wasn't sleeping well because I was worried about waiting for my procedure. The weight that was lifted off of me when she called was huge. I was scared to have this procedure, but now I am home resting, and on the mend. I will forever be grateful to Elizabeth for caring enough to want me to see my daughter dance and for giving me that chance because that's something I cannot get back once it's gone. She cares about the heart of nursing.