Elizabeth Aguirre
February 2016
AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center LaGrange
United States




From independent and A&O x 3 at home with his wife to slowly deteriorating in health over a few months, the patient was confused and admitted to PCU with a number of issues. His wife was overwhelmed and had many questions. Elizabeth so kindly and patiently stopped everything to explain what a DNR is in a very gentle, but appropriate way. Her words and therapeutic touch were exactly what his wife needed. After report, she returned to say a prayer with the patient and his wife. The patient quickly deteriorated, and without hesitation, his wife made the decision to make the patient a DNR that night. During the next day, the patient passed away peacefully with his family at his side. I spoke with the patient's wife as she was leaving, and she was so incredibly grateful for Elizabeth's care. No doubt this outcome would have been very different if it wasn't for Elizabeth's compassionate care.