Eduardo Bustamante
April 2020
Coronary Care Unit
University of Virginia Health
United States




My father was brought to UVA with severe chest pains. My mother and I made the two hour drive both anxious and nervous of what would await us upon arrival. As someone who works in a healthcare facility for another competitor in the state, it takes quite a bit to impress me especially when it comes to patient care.
Eduardo was my father's RN for two consecutive days. While the doctor would explain the treatment plan and procedures and leave the room Eduardo would immediately come in behind and answer any questions we had. He made sure to explain things in a clear concise manner. My father is a man of few emotions. It was very obvious how worried he was. Each time that Eduardo came into the room and would check on him or answer our questions my father's blood pressure would lower and it was visibly noticeable that he would relax. When they took my father down for his procedure, Eduardo came into the room to check on us. Eduardo exemplifies not just extraordinary patient care but he extended that same grace to me and my mother.
After my father's procedure Eduardo had Jell-o as promised awaiting my father upon his return to the room as he had briefly overheard that Jell-o is one of my father's favorite snacks. I can't tell you what it means to my family that Eduardo made sure my father was fully understanding everything that was going on around him and that his presence allowed my father to relax in the face of such uncertainty.