Eduard Agapay
May 2015
Surgical Telemetry
Saint Barnabas Medical Center
United States




Eduard consistently exemplifies our mission, vision, and values. He is always recognized by his patients for the excellent care that he delivers. Some words that have been used to describe him are: compassionate, empathetic, attentive, caring, gentle and knowledgeable. He is also often mentioned during huddles and during my monthly 1:1 meetings with the staff as a team player. Even on the most hectic of nights, when he is in charge and has an assignment of his own, he always extends himself to help out his colleagues. He has mentored many of the novice nurses on the unit and continues to be a role model not only for the staff but a role model for the nursing profession.

We often receive positive accolades about him from the various nursing supervisors when he is on duty. No matter what, he always tries to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care along with having the best possible experience.

Recently, when he suffered the loss of his sister during a weekend in April, he phoned to let me know and without thought, I immediately told him to take his bereavement days, but in true "Eduard" fashion, he politely declined taking the time off immediately and he told me that because it was the weekend, and he knew we were already short of help, he would come in and take the time off later on. He is always thinking about his colleagues and our patients even through a difficult time. Eduard is a truly outstanding role model not only for the nursing profession but a role model of an SBMC nurse!