Dory Franklin
January 2018
Medical Neuro Unit
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




You have a gem in your ICU and God placed her there for our father and us. I am writing to tell you what a phenomenal ICU nurse you have in Dory. So many words come to mind that describe this amazing person. Kind, caring, patient, respectful, hard-working, conscientious, funny, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I do feel like I have the experience to know how talented Dory is, as I have experienced by mom on a ventilator twice in Florida, and most recently my dad.
We were a family in your ICU for 5-6 days with my dad as Dory's patient. He was so much more to her than that, as were we, his family members. Dory was asked the same questions multiple times by our family and never once got frustrated or at least she never showed it. I know it was frustrating as I, who am somewhat clinical, wanted to shout from the treetops, "take some notes people". Her ability to see in each family member who was understanding what was happening and who was just not getting it is beyond that of any psychologist on this planet. Her gentle care and prodding when necessary to get my dad to respond was another thing I will never forget. She wanted him to come back as much as our whole family did. There came a point at which he was just not coming back to us. Dory was then in the middle of a group of people who were divided. Some were in denial, some were still hoping, and some just knew this was the end and he wasn't there. I truly believe to this day it was Dory's kind heart, calm nature, and honesty that helped us all come together as a family. It had to be worse than herding cats and as intense as maestro of an orchestra for her. We are a strong headed bunch of "Irish Folk", and not an easy group. She never missed a beat. I will forever in my heart know that Dory is our 7th sibling, but I also want her to know I will never give up my status as The Pretty, Pretty Princess. For the rest of my life, I will remember the hug she gave me. A hug most rare when you can feel the heartbeat of the hugger in your own heart.
Dory, God placed you there in our lives for many reasons and I will forever have a space in my heart called Dory. Miracles do happen, not always the one we are asking for. The miracle in your ICU and in the struggle that we endured is Dory.
My dad thanks you, Dory, as do we, your family by fate.