Dorene Abaqueta
December 2012
Cardiovascular Recovery Unit
Carolinas Medical Center
United States




Dorene demonstrated love & compassion to a recent patient, whose medical condition was very challenging to manage for him and his family. Dorene provided excellent care, while offering emotional support and making a genuine heartfelt connection to the patient and his family. She played an integral part in helping the patient and family accept and cope every step of the way. On a regular basis, Dorene not only performs the everyday nursing tasks but takes the time to perform above and beyond duties such as extra grooming or bringing in items of interest for her patients.

As the patient's prognosis declined, Dorene provided loving and compassionate care down to the very smallest detail. The support she provided along with the honesty in painting an accurate picture to this patient and his family truly made a difference.

Thank you, Dorene for honoring your nursing profession in becoming a role model for all nurses!