Donna Abel
July 2018
Oncology services
Johnston Memorial Hospital
United States




Donna Abel has been at JMH for many years. She is a great team player, often helping the other nurses and taking on various tasks to help. She makes great connections with the patients and families, making them feel comfortable and cared for.
The department has been caring for a patient that is quickly declining and whose life expectancy is drawing near. Donna has grown close to the patient over time. The patient shared that her son and his wife are expecting their 1st child and her 1st grandchild soon. In celebration, a baby shower was held in Rochester, NY. The patient's ride to the shower backed out; therefore, the patient had no way to get to New York. Without hesitation, Donna requested PTO time to drive this patient to the shower to assure that she could attend the shower and join in on the celebration.
In her heart, Donna felt compelled to do this. This act of selflessness and caring made a tremendous impact on the patient, patient's family, as well as her team members within her department. Donna is a true caregiver, team player, and certainly a servant. She has made such a difference in the lives of our patients, their families, and her co-workers.