Donatta Opiew
March 2021
General Medicine
The Johns Hopkins Hospital




Donatta has so much passion and dedication to her career.
Donatta Opiew is an amazing nurse! She goes above and beyond for her patients. This includes genuinely wanting to provide activities of daily living for them such as bathing and teeth brushing. Donatta puts in all of herself every night. She works as hard as she possibly can! Donatta always emphasizes that she can do things herself and that she doesn't need help. It's really inspiring and motivating to see Donatta working.
One time, as she was brushing a patient's hair out, she said to me how she would feel if she didn't bathe for over two weeks. She is able to empathize, connect, and personalize with her patients. Donatta has so much passion and dedication to her career. When I think of an exemplary nurse, I imagine Donatta's face. Her character is truly a testimony to her love and devotion for these patients that need her.
The amount of strength Donatta has is unmatched! She puts her own problems behind her and focuses on her patients. Her patients, their safety, and their comfort are her priority at all times. It's not about getting the job done quickly or fast. Donatta takes her time to ensure she gets the job done right.
I will never forget Donatta and everything she did to go above and beyond. She is a kind, sweet, and caring nurse and person.
This is Donatta's 2nd DAISY Award!